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8 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men

Sustainable fashion and clothing brands are cropping up everywhere, which is undoubtedly a good thing as it gives us more choices. It also means more businesses are taking the first step towards embracing their social and environmental responsibilities. And yet, finding eco-friendly brands is easier for women's fashion than men's. Don't worry! We have a few go-to ethical clothing brands for men that you can check out.

What makes a clothing brand ethical and sustainable?

When talking about sustainable fashion, we refer to brands that use sustainable practices in designing, creating, and manufacturing their clothes. It includes considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the process, from using eco-friendly materials to implementing the right philosophy in the company.

8 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men

If you’re a man looking for some sustainable alternatives, or a woman wanting to find the perfect gift, here are some of the best ethical clothing brands.

To start with, Ecovibe is a business aimed to help local brands and designers. It sells home decor, furniture, and kitchenware in addition to men’s clothing. The company has a base in Portland, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to shop here! Better yet, Ecovibe donates 1% of all its online sales to local NGOs.

You might know Allbirds as one of the world’s most popular merino wool sneakers. It has recently introduced sustainable clothing to its range of products. You can find anything from merino wool sweaters to incredibly soft tees made from tree-based fabric.

The American company strives to be carbon negative as they use all-natural materials and commit to emitting zero pollution.

Anyone remotely familiar with the surfing world would know the name, Kelly Slater. With designer John Moore, he launched Outerknown in 2015 as the first clothing brand to use Econyl nylon. It is a special material derived from abandoned fishing nets.

By buying your clothing from Outerknown, you indirectly reduce the amount of dangerous plastic waste in the ocean! You can find a range of stylish outerwear, sandals, and accessories.

Pact is based in Colorado and specializes in organic cotton clothing for men. What we appreciate about them is that they are completely transparent about which materials they use. For example, some stretchy items use a blend of organic cotton and elastane.

Browse through their online collection for beautiful and comfy menswear, including tees and hoodies, lounge pants, jackets, and even bedding.

As an esteemed Swedish brand, Asket offers men’s essential wear and a transparent supply chain. They are also very open about their goals as a business, which is to provide 100% traceability from the raw materials to finished clothing.

When you buy a garment from Asket, you will get a “receipt” detailing the exact impact of its production. From water consumption to emission and energy usage!

If you’re familiar with the B-corporation scene in the States, you would know that Patagonia is the first company in California to receive the certification. It’s an outdoor brand that works closely with Native American NGOs and conservatories.

From men’s clothing to kids, you can also find products like sleeping bags, camping gear, and backpacks made ethically.

The history of Nudie Jeans goes back to 2011. It is a Swedish denim brand that prioritizes transparency above all. Yes, it means you'll know every detail about how the production of the jeans, including who supplied the raw materials!

After all, it does strive to be “the most sustainable denim company.” What’s even more interesting is that Nudie Jeans will repair your denim for free. The goal is to extend their products' lifespan as long as possible.

Nisolo is a shoe line based in Nashville, which pays attention to fair labor practices and environmental impact. They’re also a certified B-Corporation and prides themselves in their high standards of social responsibility and transparency.

Nisolo is serious about ensuring fair wages, employee benefits, and an excellent working environment all across their factories in Peru. Not only that, the company even contributes some money for each pair sold to the protection of Amazon forests.

There are many more sustainable clothing brands where you can shop for men's wear. Whether you live in the U.S. or abroad, we are sure there's nothing a little research can find. Of course, ethical fashion and corporations may be more widespread in certain countries than in others. But as more people become aware of our pressing environmental issues, we hope that perhaps we can turn things around. First, let us do our part by shopping responsibly!

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