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8 Clever Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

There are many facets to leading an eco-friendly life, from learning to compost to going plastic-free. But what can you do with all those plastic bags you already have at home? One thing’s for sure: do not throw them away!

There are a lot of easy ways you can reuse plastic bags and repurpose them. From fun and creative DIYs to practical hacks, give your plastic bags a second life with some of our top tricks. Of course, once you’ve decided to stop using plastic, remember not to purchase or use new plastic bags again.

1. DIY woven projects

Are you big on DIY projects and homemade crafts? Whether you simply love arts or have little ones to entertain at home, you can use your plastic bags as a material for various woven projects. Woven or wrapped baskets are a popular choice, which you can then use to store produce or other objects.

It’s not that hard to make, as long as you have the patience and enough attention to detail. You can easily use up dozens of bags to create a basket!

2. Make waterproof outdoor pillows

Outdoor pillows are under constant wear from the sun, rain, and wind. Another way to reuse your plastic bags is by making pillows for your backyard patio. Regular cotton fillings may not be the most effective as they can get soggy and heavy with rainwater. And perhaps you don’t want to spend money on something that might last only a few months.

Check out how to make your DIY outdoor pillows in just 15 minutes! All you need is a used tablecloth or other fabric and some old plastic bags.

3. Store shoes in your luggage

If you’re not big on DIY projects or crafts, there are other ways to reuse plastic bags. For example, use them to store shoes in your luggage when you are traveling. It will help keep your muddy shoes from staining your other clothes.

One might argue that there are shoe bags for such a purpose, but what if we don’t have one? Let’s say you’re on holiday and have bought some new shoes, without having prepared a separate bag for it? Have a few plastic bags in your luggage to prepare.

4. Crochet beach bags

Something is charming about vintage crochet totes and secondhand bags. If it’s a style you like, then consider making one of your own out of old plastic bags.

Feel free to make it large enough to be a shopping bag, beach bag, or a small one for casual use. You can even use the same technique and create a DIY bottle holder. Plus, it is a fun gift option for younger kids or adult friends.

5. Create cute plastic envelopes

In the modern age, writing letters and mailing handwritten cards have become a rare occasion. Most people prefer to email when in professional settings and text their family and friends. Yet there’s something special about sending mails in an envelope, and you can make your cute plastic envelopes!

It requires only a few plastic bags, papers, and some ironing. You’ll end up with some unique envelopes like no other. Use them to send birthday wishes or fun letters to your loved ones.

6. Keep the shape of your bags and shoes

Another easy way to repurpose your plastic bags is to maintain the shape of your handbags and shoes. They can lose shape when not in use, so why not prevent them when you can? Fold the plastics and stuff them inside your bag or shoes before storing them.

The filling can help keep the original shape, which means your collection will still look new even after months in storage!

7. Makeshift car bin

It’s easy to leave chocolate wrappers and tissues on the sides of your car door or inside seat pockets. Over time, the trash will build up and make your car super messy. Prepare an empty plastic bag in your vehicle to hold any rubbish or waste. It’s an easy way to keep things clean and neat inside!

8. Reuse the plastic bags... as plastic bags

Finally, here’s the simplest and most obvious thing you can do with your plastic bags: use them as-is—no need for fancy crafts or strange life hacks. When you go shopping next time, don’t forget to pack your plastic bags and use them! Alternatively, use them to store and organize different items in your kitchen.

Do you have any other unique ways to reuse plastic bags? When it comes to being sustainable, you need to be creative and open-minded. Make sure to think out of the box and try new things, as long as your used plastic bag supply is still there.

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