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8 Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Updated: May 5, 2021

In this new year, do you have any resolution for welcoming 2021? It could be better for you to make it happen if you have, living a more eco-friendly lifestyle perhaps. Even if we know that implementing such a new healthy habit is not a simple and instant thing to do, if you try to change your routine, good things will follow.

You can build an eco-friendly lifestyle with smaller changes or action rather than focus on drastic unrealistic change that can burden yourself. Without any further ado, here are some simple and achievable small changes you can make in your daily day to internalize your new habit; live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

1) Eat Less Meat to Reduce CO2 that Cause Global Warming

The first thing you can do is changing your eating habit as simple as eating less meat. Why is it important? Because the livestock sector contributes 9% of global warming potential (GWP) of CO2. Plus, changing our diet could potentially reduce the emission of GWP gases.

2) Use Eco Bag to Eradicate Plastic

As you know, plastic has become a problem on our planet because it harms our environment, especially polluting the land, sea, and many more. Therefore, instead of using plastic, it is better to replace it with an eco-friendly bag. With this movement, we can make a better place to live where our land and water are free from plastic waste.

3) Create a Compost Bin on Your Home

Typically, people just toss out everything in the bin without getting any benefit from it. Why don’t you make compost from your home waste? You can then use the compost to help your plant grow better in your yard or garden without spending any money to buy expensive compost outside there. See? An eco-friendly lifestyle brings more benefits for you.

4) Use Electrical Energy in Your Home Appropriately

Imagine on the first day of every month you can save more money, how is your feeling? Good? Happy? Grateful? Well, that’s actually true. With a simple life-hack called eco-friendly lifestyle, you can cut down your monthly electrical bills. How? Using the energy appropriately, such as unplug all appliances when they aren’t being used, is as simple as turning off the lamp, fan, tv, and other electronic devices.

5) Use Second-Hand or Borrow Goods Rather Than Spending Money to Buy New Thing

Not everything in our life should spend much money even if our daily needs include new clothes, books, or electronic devices. Moreover, you can cut down and save more money if you replace your shopping behavior with borrowing or buy second-hand goods. You don’t have to purchase books you desperately want to buy because you can lend them from your friend or library. For your outfit, you can buy second-hand clothes that still suit the current trend in society.

6) Reduce Water Waste by Using Less Water

The next thing that you can do to live a more eco-friendly life is by using less water. Why is it important? It is because eco-friendly people have a perspective to live a balanced life by reducing the action that harms the environment, such as water waste while taking a bath, washing clothes or dishes, and many more. If you use water appropriately, you can save extra money at the end of the month because the water bills have been reduced by only changing how you’re using water daily.

7) Upgrade and Invest Eco-Friendly Technology on Your Home

We believe that the current technology that we are using needs more energy. Therefore, we should fix this problem. So, what is the best investment that can support your new lifestyle that we can do? Well, it simple; invest money in eco-friendly technology. With this decision, you can save more energy, money, and many more. Wanna get all this benefit in your life? Just try to replace your current technology with the eco-friendly one.

8) Don’t Waste Your Food

Finally, don’t you dare to call yourself an eco-friendly person if you still wasted your food! There are 7.3 million tonnes of food wasted every year that produce more CO2 in the UK, which brings more harm than good for global climate changes.

To become an eco-friendly person, you need to follow all the practical guides above, you don’t have to do it all at once on the same day, suit yourself, you can start from tips that you think realistic to achieve. In the end, we hope that this article gives you more insight into how to become an eco-friendly person.

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