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A Comprehensive Review of Allbirds Sneakers in 2021

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Since its launching in 2016, Allbirds sneakers have become one of the world's most popular sneaker brands. It's a celebrity favorite and can always be spotted in the streets. Allbirds reputation lies in being extremely comfortable while still looking chic and formal. They're machine washable and can be worn sockless, made sustainably, and have a very versatile design.

Noting all these incredible claims, we thought it'd be a good idea to put Allbirds sneakers to the test. We will consider various aspects of what makes a good sneaker and tell you what you've been wondering— are Allbirds really the perfect pairs?

How comfy are Allbirds sneakers?

We can say for sure that Allbirds really do produce some of the most comfortable shoes ever known. Nearly everyone who has bought and worn them love it. Allbirds Wool Runners are especially notorious for its comfort. These models are made from soft merino wool that has temperature-regulating properties, perfect for colder weathers!

These sneakers are also suitable for walking. Naturally, that makes them the perfect companion for your everyday errands and activities. What we truly love about Allbirds is that you can look stylish without having to sacrifice your feet, even after miles of walking or hours on your feet.

On the downside, they are not sports shoes and you may find them inadequate for high-impact activities like running. The Breezers flats are probably not suitable for long-distance walking either. Although, this makes sense because they are ballet flats.

Wearing Allbirds Sockless

It's another unique point that Allbirds is known for. Yes, you don't have to wear socks with your Allbirds sneakers. They won't itch because most of their sneakers are made from merino wool or lined by it. This breathable material does not absorb odors, which means your shoes won't smell at the end of the day!

Of course, you can choose to wear socks if the thought still unnerves you. Allbirds even sells special socks that are designed to go with their shoes.

Which Allbirds Style Should You Get?

Allbirds have a long list of styles that you can choose from, each featuring basic and limited-edition colors. Most of them are made from merino wool or tree fabric. Let's take a brief look into some of these styles!

You will probably see the Allbirds Wool Runner the most, as it's one of the brand's most well-known styles. This is the classic design that features a larger arch, which means you can use it for low-impact exercises. We recommend the Wool Runners in specific for colder weathers, although it's still suitable in the warmer months.

Tree Dashers is one of the most recent launches and a reinterpretation of the classic running shoes. This style is very lightweight, supportive, and comfortable. You can wear the Allbirds Tree Dashers all day without noticing you're wearing shoes! From walking around the neighborhood to running errands, they really are your feet's best friends.

If you want something especially for the cold days and wet weathers, then the Wool Runner Mizzle is your answer. Its merino wool has a water repellant finish that will keep your feet warm no matter what. This is a perfect alternative to similar styles like the Tree Runners, because now your feet won't get wet.

Other styles include the Loungers, which uses a slip-on concept that looks like a mix of laceless shoes and slippers. Skippers are also designed for men and women that are lighter and provide less coverage. For more coverage, we recommend Toppers. It's only available in Tree fabric and more expensive than the other styles but covers up to the ankle. Meanwhile, the Breezers are new ballet flat styles for women only.

Final Verdict on Allbirds

Allbirds take a sustainable approach in choosing materials for their sneakers, laces and packaging. Plus, we also love that their sneakers are machine washable. Put them in a linen bag and use cold water with mild detergent, but do not tumble dry!

Overall, we do think that buying Allbirds could be an excellent investment for anyone. Most of their styles retail at around $95, which is quite affordable considering the quality and comfort they offer. If you're looking for an everyday shoe that can stand wear and tear, you might want to consider getting a pair of Allbirds sneakers!

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