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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Sustainable Valentine’s Day

Updated: May 8, 2021

It’s almost Valentine’s Day - can you feel the love in the air?

Celebrating love is always identical to showing appreciation and showering someone with lots of gifts in the name of love. At least 36 million heart-shaped boxes, 180 million greeting cards, and 198 million roses sold out during this season.

But imagining the wastes happen after those million roses being cut, cards being sent, and chocolate boxes being opened, we probably want to consider something more eco-friendly to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Because, in case you didn’t know it, mother nature needs some love too!

So what’s the best eco-friendly gift for your loved one this year? Here are the sustainable Valentine’s day gift ideas for your Valentine’s day idea reference!

1. Personalized Gift is Always Lovely

Personalized Gift from Minted

Personalized gifts will always have a special place in someone’s heart because they can show how sincere your feelings for them and how you are willing to do things to show them. It can be a chocolate candy you bake by yourself or as simple as a handwritten love letter. The impact is not only about the joy and pleasure from your partner, but also the guiltless feelings of reducing

greeting cards or other unsustainable Valentine’s gifts.

2. Antique yet Unique Jewelry

Looking for the perfect piece? Capsule got you!

Not many pieces of jewelry you find are eco-friendly and inexpensive. However, taking time to search for recycled silver pendants or buy ethical and vintage jewelry brands can also be considered luxuriously lovely. As usual, antique jewelry is unique and special, and your gift would be a perfect one of your partner’s kind gift that no one else can give them.

3. Give Lives to Others

A big bouquet of fresh roses won’t last forever. Instead of spending so much money on flower bouquets, giving living plants will be a more long-lasting and beautiful gift. Succulents are always a nice idea, or you can also give potted flowers like orchids and lilies. If your partner is more into being a responsible animal lover, adopting a pet together will be an excellent Valentine’s day gift idea.

4. Perfect Matching Clothes for Perfect Couple

What is another best way to show the world you are the greatest couple other than wearing something matching? Wearing eco-friendly matching shirts is cute, staying in with matching linen pajamas is comfy, and having matching organic and antibacterial underwear is sexy. The world will definitely approve of your relationship because you’re not sacrificing the planet for your love.

5. Spend Special Time Together

Instead of spending money on one-time gifts, why not spend the budget on something more special that you can do together? A dinner reservation at a sustainable restaurant can be very romantic. Signing up for a cooking class together would be lovely. Even better, chilling together in your living room with nice vegan treats and drinks is also an excellent idea to spend special time together with your special one.

6. Present Your Gift in Something Reusable

By having many eco-friendly Valentine’s day gift ideas on your mind, don’t forget to bring them in a cute bag they can reuse again. TORRAIN offers super cute and adorable folded bags support a sustainable living lifestyle and will keep them reminded of you every time they use them.

With these adorable and sustainable Valentine’s day gift ideas, pretty sure that not only your partner will love you more, but also the earth will say thanks to you for loving her too. Oh, may love stays forever in the air!

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