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How to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Did you know that we use 500 billion plastic bottles each year? That’s over 66 times more bottles than humans! Plastic has long been a massive issue for our environment, including the ocean. One of the easiest steps to living a plastic-free life is to stop using plastic bottles.

But if you still have old bottles lying around in your home, no need to worry. There is no reason to throw them away. Instead, here are some of the best ways you can reuse your plastic bottles.

DIY Bird Feeder

A huge part of sustainability is awareness of other creatures other than ourselves. If you are an animal lover and want to take the opportunity to show it, why not use your empty bottle to make a DIY bird feeder? You don’t need many materials, and the steps are extremely easy.

Hang them on your balcony or a tree in front of your house. Sit back and watch as little birds flock to your makeshift feeder and peck on the seeds! Not only are you repurposing old plastic bottles, but also feeding the local bird population.

Cute Planters

Whether or not you are a gardener, here’s your chance to start! Another way to use plastic bottles is by making some cute planters, which you can decorate with some craft string and pompoms. Feel free to plant your seeds, but don’t forget to water the soil daily. Alternatively, you can just replant some grown flower hairs in the planters.

Easy Zipper Pencil Case

If you have kids, it can be good to have them participate and make their pencil cases out of plastic bottles. It uses an easy zipper that you don’t even need to sew. Fill the case with paintbrushes, pencil colors, crayons, pens, or other stationery!

Hanging Herb Garden

Another similar yet different alternative to the planters is a hanging herb garden. If you have several plastic bottles (it doesn’t matter if they are of different shapes and sizes), then you can try creating your herb garden. Place it in your kitchen or living room, where the herbs can get plenty of sunlight and fresh air.

Once you have made your DIY herb garden, it’s time to start planting your herbs! There are plenty of herbs you can quickly grow at home, from basil to thyme and cilantro. It’s an excellent project to start, as you can now have a year-long supply of fresh herbs, which can also save you some money in the long run.

Fun Organizers

Additionally, plastic bottles can make fun organizers for various things, from stationery and cosmetics to other household accessories and knickknacks. There are a lot of varieties on how to make compartments and cases out of different shaped bottles. It is also possible to turn an empty milk jug or container into upcycled containers.

Remember, it’s all about creativity and thinking outside the box. Many other plastic materials (like plastic bags) can serve different purposes before breaking down for good. It’s up to us to keep reusing them as much as we can.

Charging Phone Holder

Even if you’re not big on crafts and DIY projects, you can still uniquely reuse your plastic bottle. For instance, as a phone holder when you’re charging it. All you need is an empty lotion bottle, a pencil to make marks, and a pair of sharp scissors. Simple, right?

Shoe Storage

Shoe organizers are expensive, but you won’t even need to buy them if you have old plastic bottles at home. We’re talking about 1-liter bottles that are large enough to fit your shoes or slippers. Flat bottles are also preferable. Just cut off the top and stack them together, and you’ve got quick and easy storage for your shoes!

We particularly love this trick if you live in a small space like a dorm room or apartment when there is only so much storage you can have. Slip in these mini organizers into your cupboard or in any nooks around your home.

We can all try to avoid using plastic bottles as much as possible but don’t stress out if you absolutely must make the purchase. Or perhaps you can collect empty plastic bottles that your family has used and repurpose them. We hope our ideas can inspire you so the bottles won’t end up in the bin.

As always, it helps to be creative and experiment with different ways to reuse your plastic bottles. Some people have even found ways to make their coin purses from such bottles!

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