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Let’s Upcycle!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Up-cycling is the new sustainable choice. Slightly more different than recycling, upcycling uses the waste material as it is without breaking it down like you would in recycling. As an illustration—recycling creates microplastics to create threads from plastic, while upcycling cuts open the chip's packaging and stitches it together to create bags.

There are so many benefits to up-cycling. First being, you wouldn’t have to worry about how your waste will contribute to greenhouse gasses and water pollution. You would prolong your used items by turning them into other things. Ideally, this alternative would allow all the resources you used up when you buy the item at first can replenish during the time you used it for a longer time frame. You also wouldn’t have to worry if the recyclables you threw away are actually recycled or not (remember how only 9% of plastics are recycled?). This way, you would help to break the waste cycle.

Plus, up-cycling is easy! Which is why we have a list of items your can make yourself by up-cycling items you already have at home!

Wrappers Bags

Make your unique waterproof bags!

This up-cycling project is a tribute to all our readers who loves snacking during the day (we feel you guys). Work can be so stressful at times that you just need a distraction while working, and a great way to distract yourself is by munching on chips as you type your day away.

Making your own bags, pouches or even wallets out of plastic wrappers are actually pretty easy. Even easier if you already have a sewing machine and an amateur in sewing. Align all the wrappers in the pattern that would stitch up into the shapes you want.

But even if you don't have any sewing skills, you can still do this project on your own!

All you need is glue. Easy right? It follows the same basic steps: align and glue them up into the shape you want.

P.S. Don't forget to wash and dry these wrappers first. You don't want your new bags to smell like hot cheetos with those orange crumbs that can forever stain your clothes.

P.P.S. Start collection your plastic wrappers and design your own bags. You can even do this as a bonding project for you with your friends or family to do over the weekend!

Here are some videos to help you make your upcycled bags.

Find out more about other materials you can use to turn to bags here!

Cork Coasters

Reuse your wine corks to elevate your dining tables!

If you collect wine, please don’t throw away your wine corks. Instead, up-cycle them into coasters for your table! They will add a rustic and timeless look to your dining room, help elevate your decorations and give a classy twist to impress your guests. Plus, using these coasters when serving your wine seems suitable doesn't it?

All you need for this project are some corks and one strong glue! Arrange the corks to your liking, glue them together and wait for them to dry. A simple way to up-cycle your corks and a bye-bye to waste!

You can also check out this article to find more inspiration on what you can do with your wine corks.

Glass Container for Your Makeup Essentials

Let's keep your essentials neat!

This one is probably the simplest project in this list. If you love cooking, you won’t be unfamiliar with the glass container of pasta sauces or pickles.

Glass is one of the materials that are hard to recycle. Plus, it takes them ages to biodegrade and most time not even at all. Breaking glass and spreading them can actually be considered pollutants to our soil. It prevents minerals to be distributed evenly and roots to take up necessary nutrients and water. Our water can will also be impacted and leave us with glass-contaminated water. To avoid this, why not up-cycle them?

All you need to do is clean them off any gunk that may have been left behind, clean the labels off the glass, paint the lid, and voila, you have your new container. You can store a your reusable pads or deodorant bars in them. You can even keep your homemade eco-enzymes in these up-cycled containers, or reuse them as your homemade pasta sauce containers!

P.S. To spice up your new container, you can add handles on top of it by gluing it or screwing a handle in place. Check out how you can do that here!

Towels and Beyond

Upcycle your towels to a variety of reusables for your home!

We go through towels quicker than you may think. Especially if you have a pet around, those fluffy towels can turn real flimsy quickly (and don't even get started on the fur that would attach to the towels). However, other than throwing it away, why not up-cycle them?

You can use the towels to make reusable cotton pads, reusable paper towels, menstrual fabric pads, even coasters! The absorbent material in the towel fabric will definitely be useful for the up-cycled products mentioned. You do need a little bit more patience and sewing skills with this project since it can get a bit tricky, but there’s nothing you can’t do without a bit of practice! You just need to try first.

You can read more about this project here. The website will give you a more in-depth tutorial on making all the mentioned items and more!

Well, that's the end of what we can offer you in this blog. What do you think? A little bit challenging? A little bit fun? We hope that you can try some of these out at home. Let's start being more conscious about what we use and what we leave behind!

Remember to be responsible and stay tuned to learn more about other up-cycling projects you can do!

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