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Sustainable Presents for Him

Updated: May 5, 2021

Shopping for guys isn’t easy. You try to stay away from anything technology-related because guys tend to be very particular about technology, and you don’t want to accidentally get them the wrong brand, type, or specifications. You also tend to avoid anything “boring” like socks because they don’t seem to appreciate those as gifts as much. Some guys also aren’t as expressive about their interests as others, which just leaves you guessing what they’d like as a present. So if you’re confused as to what to get your guy friends, family members, or significant others this holiday season, don’t sweat it, as we’ll be recommending you some of the top sustainable presents to get you started and narrow down your shopping list.

Gift Ideas for Guys

  1. Tact & Stone Clothing

You probably think that clothes aren’t the best gift idea, but you may change your mind when you hear about Tact & Stone. Not only are their clothes minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, they also sustainably source all of the materials used to make their clothing. Tact & Stone’s processes are designed to reduce the amount of water used so that they waste much less water compared to your regular big-name brands, and they also try to use recycled materials whenever possible in all of their products. Some ideas of gifts from their clothing line could be a smart blazer or some chino pants to elevate your guy’s wardrobe look and support an eco-conscious brand in the process!

  1. Le Labo Candles

If you’re looking for something that pleases the senses and something your gift recipient can use to improve the smell of any room for a night of staying in, you might want to try buying a candle from Le Labo. Their ingredients are ethically sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free, as guaranteed by the company’s co-founders. Their candles come in either glass, metal, or concrete containers, which means their containers can be reused even after the candle has been burnt up. If your guy friends, family members, and/or significant others frequently use cologne, consider getting them a bottle from Le Labo’s extensive range of scents, or even personalizing a scent for them to enjoy!

  1. Plaine Products

Guys have a bad reputation for using being lazy when it comes to self-care, such as buying 3-in-1 products as a substitute from buying separate shampoo, conditioner, and body soap products. Maybe as a present, you should think about giving him a set of proper hygiene products from Plaine Products. Plaine Products’ hygiene line is vegan and cruelty-free, and they support the circular economy model through their refill subscription system. Once the product bottles are empty, you can order refills or subscribe to their refill program, in which they’ll send you new bottles of their products, and you can use the return labels to send back your empty bottles, which they’ll wash, refill, and use to send their products to someone else. What’s not to like about this product, and what a better way to stop your guy friends, family members, or significant others from continuing to buy 3-in-1 products?

  1. Got Bag

Do your guy friends, family members, or significant others travel a lot or need a new backpack to carry all of their things? Then look no further than Got Bag, whose products are made from recycled plastic collected from the ocean! Not only are their products taking waste and turning it into something new and useful, they also make sure that all their employees work in fair conditions and that the transport of their products produces as little carbon emissions as possible by using public transportation services. With the amount of plastic that they’re pulling out of the ocean and reusing alone, there is no better reason to start supporting this company by buying one of your loved ones a gift from their product line!

  1. Bulldog Skincare Razors

If your guy friends, family members, or significant others like to use disposable razors, stop them and give them an alternative by gifting them with Bulldog Skincare’s razors instead! These razors have replaceable blades but have handles crafted either out of glass or bamboo, which cuts out plastic entirely from the razor. Their packaging is also recyclable, and they have started experimenting with bioplastic packaging made out of sugarcane instead of normal petroleum. If your guy doesn’t need to shave but uses skincare products regularly, you should check out their skincare line instead, particularly their original moisturize. This product has been certified as carbon neutral through their efforts to support Acre Amazonian Rainforest Project in Brazil. Either way, Bulldog Skincare’s products are sure to be appreciated by your friends, family, and significant others while also protecting the environment!

These are just some of the gifts you could potentially give to your guy friends, family members, and significant others, with the added benefit of protecting the environment at the same time! Or if you know where your guy’s interests lie and don’t need a generic gift to play it safe, you could always get them one of the presents mentioned in our Sustainable Gift Ideas blog post to incorporate their interests and sustainability into one amazing present as well! If you want to learn more about eco-conscious holiday practices, ways to minimize your environmental footprint, or just environmentalism and sustainability in general, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, stay tuned for more blog posts, and follow us on Instagram @wellmadewrld !

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