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Venues For Your Sustainable Weddings

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Choose Your Venue!

Weddings are one of the most memorable occasions a person can have. It’s a celebration of new beginning to your relationship. Unfortunately, weddings can be very expensive and very unsustainable. When it comes to sustainability, every detail counts. From where you choose your wedding rings, to the catering and decor, it all adds up to your carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment. It is also no secret that wedding planning can be very stressful. It takes a lot of time and effort, and by the end of it, you just want to get it over with. So, we're here to lessen that burden on you by offering you some sustainable venues that you can choose from!

Yes, venues can be eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about the massive impact you would leave from your electric bills, and using this alternative can even save you money!

Outdoor Venue

Outdoor venue is an excellent alternative to indoor venues. It offers you cheaper costs and you don't even have to worry about the cooling (or heating) in the room. You also don't have to think about the carbon footprint you would leave from the electricity used.

Planning your wedding outdoors under natural light with a great natural backdrop is the best way for you to cut down on your energy use. A perfect lighting and vibe for the perfect wedding photo. Plus, how many outdoor wedding photos have you saved in your Pinterest already? It truly will be the dream come true. The advantage of planning your wedding outdoors is you can choose the season you want to represent the wedding vibe. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, wait for winter and have it under snow (though, you may want a shorter guest list for this, cause it can be freezing). You can even wait for spring where the flowers will bloom again and have their colors decorate your wedding! You can even have an autumn wedding in a park with the falling leaves and rustic theme!

Outdoor wedding is also the perfect venue to hold your intimate wedding. It will only be the people you love there, with nature that surrounds you. Truly a picture out of fairytale!

But, we do need to remind you to always stay alert on the weather report. You don't want any extreme weather to rain on your parade (literally). You can also suggest a wedding in a different city or a hometown where the weather is somewhat stable so you don't have to be wary of any surprises.

Sustainable Venues

If outdoor wedding is not really your vibe though, you still don't need to worry. You can opt for sustainable options instead! You just need to look closer to find these hidden gems.

A tip to give you a head start, look for sustainable venues with a LEED certificate. A LEED certificate, or also known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the leading green building rating system worldwide. With this certification, you don’t have to worry about your wedding venues being unsustainable since they would already have passed the qualifications to obtain the LEED certificate. You can start your search with the Green Building Information Gateway to find the best green venue for your wedding near you!

Venues with a Twist

If you still think that outdoor venues are not really your thing, but you also don't really like the aesthetic choices in LEED certified buildings, you can opt for using historical buildings! These buildings will already have different stories written within its walls, so there will be a different sentiment of holding your weddings in these venues.

You also don't need to worry much about the decorations since these buildings in itself are decorations themselves. You can even look for mansions or villas that houses different gardens that you can rent for your wedding ceremony. Imagine saying "I do" amongst the blooming colors around you who is all in white! The pictures will capture you as the first snow that falls upon those petals. It will be a walk to remember, for sure.

Other than old buildings, you can also look for wineries or national parks that open areas for weddings. The landscape would be a great background for your ceremony, and it would provide a great space for you and your closest family and friends to mingle.

If these options sounds like a dream come true for you, you can start your search from Green Wedding Shoes that featured an article on a series of beautiful venues for your wedding! Who says you need to give up style to be eco-friendly?

On that note, we want to add a little message about choosing your wedding venue, especially if you are choosing a historical building for the wedding venue. You need to make sure that you know the history behind it, and consider how that might represent you and your occasion to those who attend. For example, you might want to avoid plantations due to the gruesome and horrible history it features in its structure and what it represents. Remember, being sustainable is also about being ethical.

Well, that's the end of the article for this one! These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg on how you can turn your wedding more sustainable. Stay tune, and we’ll come back soon with more articles and ideas to make your weddings more environmentally sound.

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