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Why Sustainability is Good For You

Here at Well-Made World, we talk a lot about the what and the how. What is sustainability? How can we be sustainable? What is a sustainable lifestyle? How can we achieve a sustainable lifestyle? What is B-corporation? How are they better? But, we have rarely pondered about the why—and that’s what we’re here to do today.

If you’ve clicked on this blog, you must also be curious about why sustainability is good for you. Side note, what we mean as sustainability here is a sustainable lifestyle, just to be precise. Honestly, we have also spent quite a long time pondering this question too. While the answer may be super simple: it’s very good for the environment (which in itself can be a good enough reason), it is tough to transition into a new lifestyle without actually knowing the goal, objective, and benefits of pursuing it, especially if we have to ‘give up on some conventional luxuries such as riding cars, or airplanes.

But, we argue that you don’t need to ‘give up’ on these luxuries. You only alternate to different lifestyle choices and change your habits. Essentially, it’s just about being aware and being responsible for your decisions.

See, if you use plastic bags, you need to be aware that you are purchasing non-biodegradable materials. What can you do about it? You can keep on re-using that plastic bag, or you can stuff it into a 1L bottle to make an eco-brick. You can also upcycle it into other things or send it to recycling manufacturers that use plastic bags to create something else.

If you use cars, that’s okay. Not everyone has the luxury of having public transportation in their areas, and not everyone can use public transports because it’s more convenient for them to use cars. You need to understand that you are contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. To combat this, you can support local organizations planting trees in your local neighborhood to combat the emission output. You can even go as far as supporting petitions for new legislations to be placed for stricter carbon emission limitations in your city. You can also reduce the number of times you use your cars, only when strictly necessary, or invest in eco-friendly vehicles.

You also don’t have to give up your fashion aesthetic. All you need to do is invest in pro-benefit brands, meaning they consider their profits and profits and their environmental impact. This way, you don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing clothes that will prolong the detrimental effects on our environment. You should also be aware that fast fashion is the biggest culprit in resource exploitation, and you need to stop buying these clothes. There are much better brands that offer much better clothes with better quality. Besides, not all these brands are expensive. Some of them are very affordable. You can also Marie Kondo your closet and only keep what you need and make you happy. Plus, you also can go thrift. We’d say that this is super fun. There is nothing more satisfying than finding clothes that fit you while thrifting (it’s like a mini treasure hunt!).

But, we haven’t answered why a sustainable lifestyle is good for you. Well, sit tight because we’re about to get to it.

The underlying point is it’s healthy for you. Pursuing a sustainable lifestyle can help you reduce waste around you and increase your livelihood. Plus, it can also help eliminate your stress. Let’s break down these points, shall we?

So, reducing waste. Waste is one of the most disruptive factors in our lifestyle. Waste doesn’t necessarily only mean your garbage, but also the things you don’t need that you still keep at home. It can make the house seem stuffier than it is, not very comfortable indeed. Remember how we mentioned you could Marie Kondo your clothes? Well, you can pretty much do that with everything else. Doing this is a way to become more sustainable. You only keep what is necessary to you and what makes you happy. Arguably, the second point is more important here. But remember, with all the furniture, books, and clothes you’re about to throw away, don’t put them in the trash. Collect them and donate them to orphanages or second-hand stores that will sell them.

Reducing the stuff you have at home and only keeping what you need can indeed increase your livelihood. You don’t have to worry about what you have and what you don’t since you already have all you need. Reducing items at home can also help you re-shape your habits and mindset to become more considerate and appreciative of what you already have. Being able to immerse yourself in your safe space and be grateful for what you have right now can benefit your mental health. This lifestyle could work even better for people living in big cities. Life can get so hectic you forget what you wanted to do in the first place or what your goal is. So, having space, you're satisfied and comfortable with is very important—your little sanctuary.

Pursuing a sustainable lifestyle will also change your habits to become healthier. Your motivation to be more sustainable will push you to reduce takeaway food to minimize waste and create a stable diet. You may be more inclined to take walks or ride a bike to get around, which is beneficial for your physical health. You may also build a habit of having a water bottle around, which can keep you hydrated throughout the day.

There are still so many things that make a sustainable lifestyle beneficial. All the information in this blog is only the tip of the iceberg. So, why not give it a try and discover more as you go?

Tell us how you’re doing, and keep updated with our blogs to learn more about sustainable lifestyles! You can explore some of our older posts about a sustainable lifestyle, too.

Stay inspired!

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