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Your Plastic Straw Won’t Decay!

Updated: May 5, 2021

Luckily, We Found Eco-friendly Alternatives to Save Environment

True, we have to skip the plastic straw for the sake of our threatened ecosystem. Or possibly find the alternatives!

Sadly, humanity itself has contributed 1 billion plastic straws a day. Americans also sips about 390 million plastic straws on a daily used. Once those plastics had thrown away, it will stay almost forever! But, how?

The thing is, plastic straws barely decompose beneath the soil unless we spare hundreds until thousands of years to break them down. That’s not even close to the average human lifetime! Yet when they do, it will cost us countless microplastic ends up in our digestion system, land gradation, and threatening the marine biota.

See? It’s a matter of time until the harm is inevitable and risen environmental pollution.It’s not too late to cut down risks. Either skip the plastic straw or just one single pick to sustainable alternatives.

Still, that isn’t an easy thing to avoid for you liquid-sucker! Let us help! Here are some innovative options and fun customary straws that amazingly replace your harmful plastic straw used.

These pieces of bamboo straw are originated hand-made from the lath of the whole bamboo. It’s a proper use of the natural resources, human crafted, and smeared with the sustainable crop. Which is make this straw efficiently eco-friendly without excess carbon discharge in the straw making process. No inks, recyclable and biodegradable: a pure reusable straw with essential durability. No need to worry about breakage!

While you look at it, this organic bamboo straw is carefully and ethically handcrafted. Also, the company pledges to donate 10% of all profits to sea turtles. It’s well functioning on hot or cold drinks without left any unnecessary taste. They are 100% chemical-free! Besides, bamboo straw is practical, fun, and suitable for all ages.

Psst! A cleaning brush equipped!

Think about it, what’s the best material to cope with any frailty of human utensils?

One of our favorites is stainless steel straw. No more questioning about durability. It’s unmatched and would be a perfect fit for any silver kitchen appliance! This alternative straw offers lasting food-grade stainless steel at affordable prices. Sure, they are dishwasher safe.

However, not many people are comfortable with metal-based material. But don’t worry! Today’s stainless steel straw products usually come with silicone caps and customize high preferable steel. So, don’t worry about heating up or savoring a metallic taste.

Itchy of metal? Glass supposedly your thing!

Undoubtedly, glass is a superb alternative materials besides metal. It’s lightweight, shatterproof, and also cute! Yes, you’ll find straws with a colored, pretty, and polished finishing that instantly catch your attention.

Each pair of glass straws are under the guarantee of Pyrex. It’s dishwasher safe, glassy and makes it easy to spot if there’s any dirt. Even they are eco-friendly and plastic-free, glass straws are not biodegradable. That’s why reusing this straw is considered, and carefully not to lose it!

Being loyal to this straw is unconditionally obliged.

Good news for straw-biter! Silicone straw will be pleasing your chewing habits yet chemical-free guaranteed. They are also flexible and well-fitted for your playful mouth. It’s a super safe product and conveniently fulfill to satisfy.

It has maintained temperature properly, as it highlights its practicalities and versatilities on the go. Unlike other straw material flaws, silicon straw is bendable and easy to clean. They’re phosphate-free, colorful and you can always clean them with a brush. That’s common reasons consumers loved to tuck this silicon straw wherever they go.

A win-win alternative for you to bend the increasing plastic waste!

Tips for Your Eco-friendly Straw Buying Plan

While you not quite wrap your alternative options yet, make sure you have managed some of your daily necessities. You are might not a frequent straw user. That’s okay. But it’s wiser to prevent any possibility to use plastic straw. Even if it’s only one plastic straw, it could lessen plastic waste over our ecological sleeves.

At least one type of reusable straw is preferred based on your favorites. Make sure your option is single-used, worthwhile, and affordable.

Ethically, you are committing to do your part by move on from plastic to other alternatives available. Let’s make this make sense. Every slight change you made is always impactful!

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