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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Party Games: College Edition

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Let us face it: college is a fun time to throw parties. Games with red-solo cups like Kings Cups and Beer Pongs are popular among college students. They are fun, interactive games, and the cups are easy to clean up after the party is over. In addition, plastic is easy to dispose of, which means less time cleaning for students who have to balance their fun times with college/university work.

Although games with disposable cups are a quick solution to have fun, plastic cups are not sustainable, let alone cost-effective. Nevertheless, there are ways to keep the fun going without harming the environment and save your budget!

Eco-friendly College Party Games

1. Truth or Dare

Have a bottle or a pen ready (or anything that can spin!) and have your party attendants sat around the table. Then, when the bottle stops spinning, a moderator or one of the guests can ask truth or dare towards the person pointed at by the bottle. Brave enough to choose dare, and people will have the honor of choosing a fun dare for you to do. If you choose truth, then you will answer anything your guests want to know. If you play this classic party game right, it could even grant you an opportunity to confess to your crush!

2. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Ask everyone to rate whether they rather kiss, marry, or kill three preferably fictional people of your choosing. It can be celebrities, characters from TV series or comic books, characters from a book - the possibility is endless. The game creates a great conversation topic to get to know the ideal types of your friends since you may have differing opinions on who to kiss, marry, or kill! One serious note on this game: never uses fellow party attendants as options. It can turn a fun party into an awkward, triggering situation.

3. Pictionary or Charades

Both games are similar, only differ in execution. You need someone to guess a concept/object. Whoever guesses correctly wins. In Pictionary, someone needs to draw the item or character. In Charades, someone acts them out! You can split your guests into two teams and have them take turns in drawing and guessing. When one person draws, only their teammates are allowed to guess. No worries if you have a hard time picking random words for the game. You can visit Random Word Generator to help you select a topic!

First, have an item ready. It can be a book or a ball, whatever you choose but small enough to hide. Then, have the person who is searching for an item go to another room. In the meantime, hide the object. Once you hide it, call your friend back and have them look around the room. You can tell them warm if they get closer to the item and hot if they are very near. On the other hand, cold means they are far from the target. Continue until they find the missing object.

5. Most Likely To

If you meet new people you wish to get to know, this game is perfect. Simply put, you pose the question “Who is most likely to…” and count down from three at the end of the question. When the countdown is over, everyone points to someone they think most likely to do what you just described. For instance, you can ask the group who is more likely to skip class or other silly questions to spice up the party!

6. Camera Hot Potato

Hands down, my favorite party game. Use a phone and set a timer with the lengthiest duration in selfie mode. Each person needs to hold the phone facing to their face for 3 seconds before passing it over to the person beside them. The pressure from the timer creates a panicky atmosphere, which leads to your phone snapping hilarious expressions! Then, you can reminisce and laugh at the silly pictures with your friends when you get together again.

Want Something International? We got you covered.

7. Word Linking Game (Korean game called ‘끝말잇기’ or Kkeutmal-isgi)

The concept of the game is simple, but it can be tricky. First, someone will have to start a word. Then the next person will have to say a word that begins with the last syllable of that previous word. For instance, if you say 'summon,’ the next person can say 'monster' and so forth. The round ends once someone cannot think of another word that starts with the previous syllables. It is even trickier because you cannot repeat the previously-used words!

8. The Alphabet Game (Indonesian game called ABC 5 Dasar)

The game starts with your group deciding on a category. Your category can be anything from countries to plant names. Then everyone sticks out however many fingers they like and counts the fingers using the alphabets. For instance, if your friend has three fingers out and you have 2, there will be five fingers in total. Since the 5th letter in the alphabet is E, everyone has to say a word starting with the letter E in the correct category. The game restarts until someone is unable to come up with a term. If more people are playing and you have reached the letter Z, you can repeat counting the fingers from A until you count every finger.

9. The Dice Game (German game called Schocken/Maxen)

Roll three dice and hide your rolls. You can choose to tell the person beside you the truth or lie about your dice rolls. If the person thinks you are telling the truth, they can roll their dice. If they think you are lying, you have to reveal your dice. Either the liar or the wrong guesser will get punished. There is also another Schocken version you can try if you like a more challenging game!

Whatever game you choose, remember to go green and drink responsibly. Good luck with your party planning and have fun!

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