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Sustainable Father’s Day Gifts for Fashionable Dads

Gifting can be extremely complicated - especially if your dad is fashionable like mine. Mundane and traditional Father’s Day gifts do not cater to his needs as a trendsetter. If you have not figured out what to get your stylish dad, we have some fantastic suggestions for you. These items not only cool but also ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable.

The stylishness of the duffel bag's unique pattern comes from recycled plastic bottles. We know what that means: Buying this product helps reduce plastic in landfills, plus it decreases their potential to get carried into the sea.

Additionally, who knows feedbags can turn into a liner for the interior of a bag? I certainly did not, but Torrain made it work. This Retro Duffel bag can carry all your dad's gym needs for those who frequent the gym often. From shoes to change of clothes - everything can fit in this 19” x 10” bag!

Have I mentioned that this bag is easy to clean? Just wipe the outside of the bag with a damp cloth.

How to be fashionable during the pandemic, you asked? With the 5-Pack Face Mask from Mate, your dad can wear a cool mask with a different color every day. The five different colors also mean your dad can mix and match the color of the mask with his outfit of the day.

Some people have breathing issues when they wear masks, but no worries! Mate is a company that believes in using non-toxic, organic materials. The double-layered mask is 100% organic from breathable cotton. So, rest assured, your dad can breathe with comfort while keeping themselves safe from the virus and harmful chemicals common in fashion production. Plus, organic cotton produces fewer greenhouse gasses and uses less water than other types of cotton. Thus, you can feel good purchasing a mask that does not harm the environment for a change.

As Coco Channel said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” The quote rings true for Tact and Stone Upcycled Hoodie. The modest hoodie comes in gray and black, and it is a suitable fit for your body. Tact and Stone make the hoodie out of recyclable materials. These materials are upcycled cotton and polyester, which means the company saves a lot of water rather than creating a hoodie from new non-organic cotton. But no worries, despite being made using upcycled materials, the hoodie remains light and breathable as well as easy to maintain. Pop it into the washing machine with a cold-wash setting and hang dry to ensure a long-lasting hoodie. If that does not sound like a great deal, factories in Northern Portugal help produce the Upcycled Hoodie. By purchasing, you are helping to encourage ethically-run businesses involved.

Allbirds slip-ons are comfy, plus they come in various colors. If your dad is like mine and is often on the go, slip-on shoes are flawless for traveling. They do not require the user to spend time tying or untying their shoes. Some feet get cold easily. If that is the case for your dad, these shoes are even more perfect for him. Allbirds creates Wool Loungers using Merino Wool, one of the most biodegradable materials there is. They can biodegrade within a year after burial, which is pretty speedy in comparison to other wools.

These loungers are easy to maintain. You only need to take out the insoles, put the shoes in a wash bag, and cold-wash them using a washing machine. Then, you can hang them dry outside. Who knows? Your neighbors might see the trendy footwear, and your papa can be the envy of the neighborhood.

Cotton becomes the primary material to create KOTN Coaches Jacket. However, the company smartly fashioned it until it looks like high-fashion suede. This high-fashioned sportswear jacket is multipurpose and comfortable for daily use. So whether your dad is adventurous, liking to explore the new wilderness, or builds laborious projects in his garage, this jacket can handle it all. Egyptian cotton that creates this jacket is the finest, softest, and yet strongest cotton worldwide. So you can rest your mind, knowing the garment is durable enough for your dad’s needs.

Our company loves KOTN products because they have great product designs in addition to their ethical labor practices. The labor practices they do, teach the local communities to build a sustainable economic foundation. KOTN also funds numerous social, economic, and ecologically sustainable projects like building schools in Egypt, community building, and promoting environmental responsibility.

More suggestions

I am also in love with the fancy yet simple design of Tentree Oberon Zip Hoodie. It is a bonus knowing that for every purchase of their product, Tentree will plant one tree. Hence, your Father’s day gift is also a gift for nature. Another great item to consider is Boody Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt. It has a simplistic design. If your dad is the kind that likes to get ready last minute, he can put on an outer jacket or combine it with any outer layer he fancies.

Extra Gift Ideas for Cool Techie Dads

I hope these ideas can appease your father’s fashion sense! For more gift ideas, check out our other gift sections like Sustainable Presents for Him. If you have a single parent who celebrates Father’s and Mother’s day, we have some suggestions your mom will definitely like. Also, do not forget to gift wrap your gifts to make them extra special.

Have an enjoyable Father’s Day, your family, and all the father figures in your life from all of us at Well-Made World!

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