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Best Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts and Party Décors

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Mother's day is around the corner, so we know what that means: Celebrating the momentous day with your wife, mom, stepmother, and other strong females we consider as mother figures! However you call them, these strong women deserve to have a celebration. Some shower their moms with gifts while others throw parties for them. Nonetheless, the innocent one-day festivities might end up harming the environment. So then, how do we make our moms happy while making sure Mother Nature could enjoy Mother's Day too?

Gift Ideas for Mom

Generally, when gifting gifts, we do not consider their sustainability so long as the recipient likes them. Subconsciously, getting the recipient a gift they fancy is an effort to be sustainable. Researching what the other person likes will prevent your goodwill from cluttering the landfill right after your mother receives your gift. Another good pointer in sustainable gifting is to be mindful of how to wrap your gifts. If you know the general concept of what the recipient likes, this list might give you tangible items to satisfy her needs.

1. Beauty Oil by Plaine Products

This moisturizing oil by Plaine Products, a woman-owned business, can diminish wrinkles and fine lines. I love it because this product is non-greasy and has a great scent, making it comfortable to use all day. Also, the final product is vegan-friendly as well as having a cruelty-free production process. The best part is that the product is recyclable. Rinse empty containers from Plaine Products if you have more than one empty bottle, and place them in the refill box before sending them back. Voila! Now you have zero waste coming out of your washroom as the company will repurpose them for you. So keep the pump, and for your next order, you only need to purchase a refill.

2. Yoga Mat Bag by Rice Love

If you notice your mom struggling to carry a yoga mat, cellphone, and water bottle to the gym, be her lifesaver and purchase a yoga mat bag. This bag has a cell phone pocket, which would reduce the likeliness of your mom forgetting her phone in yoga class. On top of that, the company works together with environmentally friendly factories to make this product. That is not all. As a bonus, purchasing this bag helps you feed families in India. To find the families you help, use the unique tag you will receive upon buying the yoga mat bag and search the numbers on their website. It will allow you to read about the families you supported and their life stories.

3. Women’s Wool Running Shoes by Allbirds

Give your active mom a limited edition, stylish-looking fresh new kicks with Wool Dasher Mizzles for women by Allbirds. Merino Wool, which makes most parts of the Dasher Mizzles available in three colors, can quickly biodegrade to the soil. It is also cultivated yearly from the Merino sheep, which qualifies the material as biodegradable and renewable. Additionally, with its water-repellent coating, there will be no problem wearing them in wet or dry climates. It is perfectly suitable for all-year-round active females. The heavenly castor bean insoles provide support, comfort, and flexibility. Amazingly, they are not producing as much carbon as petroleum-based foam! Also, have I also mentioned that they currently have a 2-day delivery service for Mother’s Day?!

4. Barrel Tote by TORRAIN

Use this bag to store your picnic supplies, baby stuff, or groceries; the possibility to use Barrel Tote as your everyday bag is endless. Despite using recycled materials, every bag comes in fresh, bright colors. TORRAIN transformed the waterproof and colorful used feed bags into the exterior of Barrel Tote, making the product water-resistant yet keeping it stylish. Surprisingly, recycled plastic bottles form the fancy-looking bag liner inside, reducing the number of plastic waste going to the landfills! It is also suitable for busy mothers since the maintenance of this bag is relatively easy. Throw your Barrel Tote in the washer and let it dry or wipe its exterior with damp clothes to clean your bag and you are good to go!

5. Other Gift Ideas

Beauty products, perfumes, and clothing are great options to give the special women in your life. Next, accessories and other necessities for creative souls and writers-in-the-making such as coloring books and journals could help your role model channel their creative energy.

Party Décors for Mother’s Day

1. Plantable Confetti

If you plan to use confetti, consider using the plantable seed papers version from Botanical Paperworks, an eco-friendly manufacturer of seed paper products. Then, after the party is over, you could plant them in your garden or a few small pots inside your apartment.

2. Room Decoration

No worries if you do not know what decorations to buy for your dinner party. POP SOCIIAL sells packages of sustainable decoration that include fans, pom-poms, garland, and honey-combs. You can hang them on your ceilings or trees if you are having a backyard party. Their products are 100% FSC-certified papers, so you do not need to worry about having plastic in your decor!

3. Bamboo Tableware

Utensil-wise, you could always use your non-disposable platters. However, if you feel like you will be too tired to clean up after the party, consider bamboo tableware from EcoPartyTime. You can throw them into your compostable bin once the party is over. Ranging from assortment plate shapes to utensil sets, this company has them all. Additionally, they have compostable clear cups made of PLA corn plastic for cold use only if you need them.

All in all, remember what your mother likes and the décor you require for your party. Perhaps by giving and using fashionable, eco-friendly products, you might convert others to live sustainably. Dinner parties usually revolve around catching up, but it will not hurt to spice it up with some hilarious bonding games afterward. Good luck and have an enjoyable Mother’s Day!

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