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Biodegradable, Fashionable Sunglasses? Count me in!

It’s summertime, the prime time of the year for sunbathing and spend time in our backyards. Yet, lately, the sun feels even more blinding to the eye than usual. Our ability to see what is around us plays a big part in enjoying our fun in the sun. Luckily, sunglasses are reliable enough to help us do just that.

Here is the catch though, most parts of sunglasses are plastic-made. Plastic, nylon, metal are generally the materials to build its frames. At the same time, plastics or glass compose its lenses. It’s unsurprising, considering plastics are lightweight and cheap - making them a highly sought-after material for everything. Plastics checks all the boxes for companies to create affordable sunglasses. But having fun in the sun does not always have to include plastic sunnies.

Introducing my top 5 picks for unisex biodegradable sunglasses:

I fall in love with this one when I see the carving on the sides of the glasses, which gives it a flare of tribal-trendiness. Aside from its simplistic yet well-thought design, the frames are layered beech wood. It means this baby is eco-friendly while being responsible for giving the sunglasses their natural light brown color and wooden accent. In addition, the wood material makes the sunglasses fairly lightweight in comparison to other shades. Accompanied with polaroid lenses that are soothing to look at, it truly makes a synergized frame-lens combo.

Petrel comes with fine outer packaging. It also includes an eco-cork case to keep the new shades safe, so you do not need to worry about its presentation when you give it to your loved ones. If you are ever looking for a present for Father, Mother’s Day, or any special occasion, these sunglasses would be a perfect choice. These sunnies will be great relationship-goal matching sunglasses for couples with fun, quirky personality. Bird Online Store also provides a virtual try-on. This way, we could see what the sunnies would look like on us before purchasing them.

I can not help but fall in love with sustainable companies! When you buy a pair from their store, Bird partners up with SolarAid to minimize CO2 emissions in rural Africa.

2. Copaiba Indonesia Green - Polarized Biodegradable Sunglasses

Copaiba Indonesia Green has a unique soft color that reminds you of a calming bamboo forest. A perfect gift for someone looking to stay cool under the shade literally and figuratively! The frame’s green looks like a bamboo leaf, while the light brown color reminds you of its trunk. Cereal straw and bamboo make the shades into what it looks like now - perhaps the reason why this beauty reminds us so much of bamboo. Rest assured, this baby is pretty biodegradable.

3. 2021 Proof Eyewear: Tamarack Wood

If you are looking for sunglasses with an uncanny quote, trust me to go for Proof’s Tamarack Wood. The writing “Go out on a limb” can be a reminder to focus on your goal even when the world is against you. Whether it is the summer heat or anything you are working hard on at the moment: a new business, a social justice campaign, or just daring to do something bold. If that screams you, then these sunnies are made for you.

The fashionable shades have four trendy color options with a distinct wooden texture that intensifies its natural beauty. Moreover, you can be sure that their frames are biodegradable. Proof handcrafts their product from sustainably sourced wood. The benefit of buying wooden sunglasses is the individuality of wood fibers, which means no two glasses are the same! Hence, you can say that the glasses you purchase can be uniquely yours. Even better, the wide lenses will ensure protection for your eyes from sunlight and dust. It is a win-win situation for comfort, utility, and nature-friendliness.

Also, have I mentioned that you would help the company plant five trees in Africa for every purchase?

4. Covry - Merak L Olive

I know the hassle of finding suitable glasses since I have a low nose bridge, but Covry has thought of it ahead to design glasses for people like me. Their design is especially perfect for me and those with high cheekbones - thanks to their Elevated Fit design!

The classic, simple sunglasses design makes it wearable for any occasion. In addition, the pair makes you look appealingly intelligent, with a sprinkle of youth freshness with the sophisticated transparent, dark jade green frame. Another convenience for your consideration if you need prescription glasses for your shades, you can get either prescription lenses or non-prescription ones. Plus, they have a try at home program for their shades for only $10!

The 100% female-founded company will give you a vegan leather case along with a cleaning cloth to keep your sunnies clean. If you wear Covry Merak, no doubt you will be in the spotlight among your friends! On top of that, plant-based acetate consists of cotton, and wood pulp is the foundation of Covry Merak. This gem is a necessity for outdoors and sustainable design lovers alike.

5. Eco - Valluga

Valluga comes in 4 colors: teal, pink, dark tortoise, black. I choose this as one of my favorites because of its unique design, plus they come in great colors – especially the pink one! This precious gem looks like Audrey Hepburn’s, except that Valluga has rounder edges than Hepburn’s usual cat-eye signature sunglasses.

Eco-eyewear’s Valluga might seem like ordinary sunglasses, but it is more than what meets the eye. Of course, we know that processed castor seeds can become castor seed oil and pellets. The surprise is that these biodegradable materials become the prime element that is responsible for the frames. I never thought the oil I use to treat dry skins is turnable into sunglasses!

All in all, always remember to invest your soul in the planet, then Mother Nature will return your investment tenth-fold for many years to come. For more information about sustainable living, check out our Instagram!

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